​​For those affected by car crashes involving teen drivers
Every day, more than 15 people die in motor vehicle crashes associated with teen drivers. One way to keep our new teen drivers safe is to hear the personal and powerful stories of those affected.
The HEARTS Network​ is a community of individuals and families whose lives have been forever changed by motor vehicle crashes involving teen drivers.  It is a voice for victims, a forum for survivors and a catalyst for improved teen driver safety.
Anyone who has lost a loved one, suffered an injury or been otherwise affected by a crash involving a teen driver is invited to join, share stories and help prevent future loss.
The video below is a mom's tragic story of the loss of her son.  While Diane did everything she could to try to keep him safe, her son, Tim, still engaged in behaviors that contributed to the crash.​​

Diane graciously shared Tim's story in the hopes other parents can learn that the decisions teens (and parents) make regarding driving behaviors can make the difference between life - or death. Diane currently maintains a website in Tim's memory. 

If you, or anyone you know is affected by a crash involving a teen driver, you are invited to contact the HEARTS Network to connect with a supportive, active community of survivors.

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