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It's up to us and our friends 

The research shows the best way to keep our teens safe is to stay involved - so we can help them safely get the experience they need behind the wheel.

And what that means is we need to create a climate of parental involvement among parents in our communities.
It does no good if you monitor your teen, but they get a ride with a teen whose parents are uninvolved and don't set limits on their behavior.
It is tough to be the only one in a group of parents who says the boy who has had his license for a week "absolutely cannot drive our daughter to the dance."
Or the girl who has had her license for a month cannot take a friend to the mall... yet.
Even if older siblings got privileges before it was safe - because at the time we didn't know any better... the right way is to restrict our new drivers and gradually allow them more and more responsibility. 
Stay involved.  Get your friends involved. You don't want to do this alone. It is critically important for the safety of our teens.
Encouraging an enlightened parent community is what Drive it Home is all about.  We hope parents will ask questions of each other, and provide practical solutions - either on our blog or Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest feeds.
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