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How to get started

A new license is the beginning of the journey for our teens. Now they need to practice the skills necessary to be safe on the road.

What should you do?

  • Work with your teen to develop your own Parent - Teen Agreement
  • Let your teen drive you someplace at least once each week - so you can see how they are doing. We can email or text you what to practice - but start by concentrating on the three most critical errors:
    1. Lack of scanning the roadway
    2. Driving too fast for conditions
    3. Distraction by something inside or outside the vehicle
  • Tell other parents what you are doing.  Share your experiences. Create a community of concerned adults who agree to be hands-on in helping their teens get the experience they need to be safe drivers. And, write your experiences on our Blog. Post tips. Share content. Help others learn what works for you and your teen.


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