Weekly Tips

It is just as important for your teen to practice after they get their license as when they had their learner's permit.

But what do you practice?  If you sign up, we will email you free practice ideas to do with your new driver each week. Remember, the more practice the better.

In general - start with low-risk situations, and work up to more risky situations. Begin in daylight, good weather and on remote roads or empty parking lots. Gradually move to dusk and nighttime driving, inclement weather and busier roads. Start with basic skills (turning, parking and backing up) and then move to more complex skills. And keep other passengers out of the vehicle when your teen is practicing with you. Neither of you need the distraction. The Oregon Parent Guide to Teen Driving has lots more tips - all set down in one place.

In the meantime, here are some things you can do when driving with your teen:

  • Be calm and patient - Don't let them drive if you just had an argument or someone is upset. Make sure the atmosphere is right for a good experience.
  • Expect mistakes - The only way to learn is to make mistakes, so accept this, be positive and try to help minimize risk when the mistakes happen. Praise correct driving.
  • Give directions properly - Explain what your teen should do in advance, in a clear, calm voice.
  • Stay focused - Remember that your teen is still learning, and you are the responsible, experienced driver.  Scan the roadway for hazards and be ready to react. Eliminate distractions. Encourage this behavior always in your teen.
  • Drive the way you want them to drive - Remember your teen always sees you as a role model. That doesn't change when they get their license. When you are behind the wheel, don't do anything you wouldn't want them to do. If they catch you - admit to your mistakes. It shows them it is never too late to start driving safely.

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