Car crashes are the #1 cause of death for teens, killing as many as the next two causes – suicide and homicide – combined. The main reason is inexperience.

As parents, we need to stay involved, with our teen drivers, especially after they are licensed. We believe parental enforcement of the best GDL rules related to the principal risks for new young drivers can greatly reduce the odds of teens being in a crash.

DriveitHOME™ is an initiative of the National Safety Council, designed by and for parents of newly licensed teen drivers. DriveitHOME™ offers free resources parents can use to help their teen build experience to become safer drivers. It also is a place parents can share their ideas for keeping teens safe behind the wheel.

Our goal is to reduce the number of driving deaths, injuries and crashes involving teen drivers to zero. Any other number isn’t good enough.

DriveitHOME™ is made possible because of generous funding from The Allstate Foundation, Toyota, GM Foundation, AT&T and private donors.

We invite your feedback and participation. If you have any questions or comments, please email us at: parentinfo (at) driveithome (dot) org​

Guest posts on our blog

DriveitHOME occasionally features posts from guest bloggers and accepts submissions. We are looking for engaging topics in the world of teen driving that focus on parent education.

Before you submit your idea, please note: DriveitHOME™ and the National Safety Council (NSC) will not accept guest blog submissions that promote a product or organizations not affiliated with NSC. This includes posts with promotions of businesses or services and/or links to business websites including but not limited to: law offices and legal services, insurance companies, automotive repair and supply businesses, addiction consuling and treatment, driving monitoring apps and consumer advocacy services.

Some tips to remeber when sumbitting a post or pitching an idea:

The DriveitHOME™ blog targets parents. The tone should be conversational and structured as a discussion, not a lecture. Try to keep posts under 500 words and focused on a single topic. We will not accept broad pitches. For example, we already know—and have blogged about—the best ways to keep your teen drivers safe. The best pitches will include very specific ideas that never have been addressed on our blog (teens and texting has been covered many times already).

If accepted, your submission will be added to our editorial calendar and we will inform you of the date on which it will be published. We will contact you for a bief bio (20-25 words) and any photos you may wish to include (a headshot and 1-2 photos related to your post would be ideal). NSC does not pay its guest bloggers and reserves the right to edit or decline to use submissions. Editing may be done for grammatical or technical accuracy.

Requests to share resources

Requests to share resources on the DriveitHOME™ website or on our social media channels, including infographics, videos, blog posts originating on another site must not be branded to promote a product, business or service not affiliated with NSC. Because DriveitHOME adresses teen driving safety as it relates to GDL laws in the United States, we typically do not share resources outside of the U.S. unless they relate or compare to teen driving in the U.S. Additionally, resources cannot link to or reside on a business website (including but not limited to the examples above) not affiliated with NSC. Almost all of our resources are research-based and provided by public health, injury prevention and traffic safety organizations.

All resources should be focused on traffic safety, ideally as it relates to teen drivers. Remember we are parent focused, so information aimed specifically at parent education and involvement is given first priority.

For questions regarding guest posts or requests to share resources, please contact: parentinfo (at) driveithome (dot) org​

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